Meet The Doulas

Doula is the Greek word for “woman who serves.” It’s usually associated with those who assist in childbirth. Now, more and more, doulas are helping people with leaving this world. They provide informational, physical and emotional support for you and your loved ones to help navigate through complicated aspects of life – leading to a good death. Our End of Life Doulas help ensure you are able to make the best-informed decisions possible about your final days and of those you love.

Alainna Garlick

Owner, End of Life Doula, Licensed Massage Therapist

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Alainna is trained as an End of Life Doula through INELDA (the International End of Life Doula Association). She is also a licensed massage therapist specializing in deep myofascial release and chronic pain relief.

Her desire to practice as a doula began with her own personal experience with having a doula when birthing her own children. Alainna saw the transformative power of holding space for others when witnessing her doula’s ability to remain a fully present, comforting presence during a very physically and emotionally challenging time. 

As a massage therapist, Alainna is practiced at holding space for her clients, who arrive in the pain of the physical, emotional, and spiritual unease. When providing massage therapy, she makes it easier for and more comfortable for an individual to exist in their body, the most vital tool for experiencing life.

Over time, however, Alainna began to wonder – what about being comfortable in death? The very last moment we experience being in our physical bodies? What can be done to reduce the fear and trauma that so often accompanies death? 

Alainna is familiar with tragic loss, as death in her own personal experience has been frequently sudden and unexpected. Alainna understands the pain of traumatic grief, which has opened a strong desire to make the end of life journey as peaceful and comfortable as possible.

Alainna began researching death doulas and found INELDA (International End of Life Doula Association), where she trained to become an End of Life Doula. Through this work, Alainna now helps clients prepare for what so many fear and yet, ultimately, we all must come to terms with – the end of our lives, and ultimately, death. 

By weaving together many disciplines and practices, Alainna seeks to make the dying process one that is tailored to the meaning and legacy of the life you have lived. Through this personal attention, you are invited to inhabit the most of the life that you have left to live. 

Morgan Barnsley

End of Life Doula Assistant, Family Support Professional, Energy Work, Aromatherpy

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Morgan is a loving, supportive, and dynamic leader in the wellness community. Her passions are deep rooted in supporting others so they are able to be the best versions of themselves. She believes everyone has a bright light inside just waiting to shine.

A passion sparked in Morgan to start work as a Family Support Professional, when she found that many families were overwhelmed with the responsibilities that came with balancing full-time work and home life.

Morgan has a B.S. in education with a concentration in Aquatics. She is trained by the most modern and professional certifying organization ProDoula as a Postpartum Doula. Morgan also teaches expecting families how to become empowered in their birth journeys, through Childbirth Education workshops. She is a certified Reiki and Aromatouch practitioner, and supports families in-home in many facets of life in the York and Harrisburg areas. She was inspired when learning about End of Life Doula work to provide this same loving care to families walking the end of life journey with their loved ones.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, nature, camping, exploring and the beach. Her most rewarding gift in this lifetime is being a mother to her two beautiful daughters. They are her greatest teachers.

Jenn Adams

End of Life Doula Assistant, Family Support Professional, Photographer

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Jenn strongly believes that while we experience life individually, that assisting the human collective allows us to draw out strength within others, making the difficult parts easier to carry.  

Having experienced death once inside her own body, when in utero her son passed before the ability to take a  breath, she knows that often times simple everyday tasks go undone when energy is directed towards hope and healing.  

During 2016, she kept vigil in the hospice room during a young father’s last days on this earth. It was a life changing event to bear witness to the positive impact that a loving village and community created for his widow and child in the months before and years after his death.

Jenn is available to be a pair of hands, an active listening ear, and a “do-er” during your time with Peace Lily End of Life Services. She has experience with children of all ages, is capable of cooking for any dietary need, loves music and its powerful ability to soothe and heal, and offers photography.

In her spare time, Jenn spends time with her incredible kids, and loves to frequent local trails on foot and mountain bike. 

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