Services and Offerings

As End of Life Doulas, we work with those who are facing the end of their life to support them in the physical, emotional, and spiritual changes they face. We together work to find meaning, build legacy, and make decisions about how final moments will be carried out.

Initial Consultation


If you are interested in discussing what End of Life Services look like for you, a loved one, or family, we are here to talk to you.

1 visit, approximately 1 hour.

Advanced Directives


In our first Advanced Directives meeting, we will discuss wishes and end of life choices. We will follow up with a second meeting to review your formalized plan. Notary Services available as needed.

2 visits, approximately 1 hour each.

Vigil Plan


In our initial two hour visit for Vigil Plan preparation, we will spend time discussing your goals, how you want your end of life journey to look, and support for that process. As we continue to meet, we will develop and write a vigil plan that reflects your life, its meaning, and the impact you have had on others. We will follow your ongoing progress and initiate the Vigil Plan when you enter the active dying process.

6 visits, approximately 1-2 hours each

Vigil Plan and Legacy Work


In addition to the Vigil Plan Package, your End of Life Doula will do deeper life review and work with you and loved ones to facilitate and develop a Legacy Project that represents the meaning and impact of your life. Legacy Projects are creative works that leave a physical object behind for those you love to remember you by.

10 visits, approximately 1-2 hours each

Bedside Doula Support

$500 – $2500

With daily visits during the active stage of dying and through death, your End of Life Doula will provide Vigil Plan support, and caregiver support and respite. Three to six weeks after death, your End of Life Doula will follow up with your family and loved ones for Re-Processing. In Re-Processing Sessions, we will review the tender moments surrounding your vigil, and promote healing and comfort to those you love after you are gone.

Visits as requested.

Family Support Services

Hourly based on services needed. Packages available.

When caring for a loved one who is dying, we often find that we are overwhelmed with the day to day requirements of keeping a home. Peace Lily End of Life Services offers caring Family Support Services by loving and respectful professionals. Cleaning, meal preparation, gardening, and childcare services are all available to you to ease your burdens and allow you as much time as possible with your loved one through this process. Caregiver fatigue is a real and expected part of the End of Life Journey. We offer caregiver respite, and will spend time with your dying loved one when you need time and space.

Visits as requested.

Regular and Alternative Therapies

Individual Service Pricing

At Peace Lily End of Life Services, we strive to connect you with the best providers in the area for traditional and alternative therapies. From Energy Workers and Sound Healers and Yoga Nidra Providers, The Amala Method and Intuitive Coaching, to Memorial Landscape Designers and Mental Health Providers, we have hand selected the most talented practitioners in our area. Please contact the service provider you are interested in consulting with via their email listed on the Other Holistic Offerings page, found in the main menu.

Provider set rates.

Let’s build something together.