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As End of Life Doulas, we work with those who are facing the end of their life to support them in the physical, emotional, and spiritual changes we all inevitably face. We work together with clients and families to find meaning, build legacy, and make decisions about how final moments will be carried out. Doulas support this process and help to create a plan during this time at the end of your life. We create space for peace of mind, wherein you know that there is as much control as possible over your time before, during, and after our transition.

Our mission is simple.

To bring clarity and support to you and your family as you navigate the end of life.

To serve as a guide as you accept and labor through the process of dying.

To listen and support your process as you establish meaning and determine your wishes for before, during, and after death.

To support your family, as they are on this journey with you.

Supportive offerings

As End of Life Doulas, the support we offer is an enhancement of any current medical treatment plan, whether curative, palliative, or hospice care.

Our Doulas can provide:

Regular visitation for you and family

Help to put together end of life documents

Coaching and support through your journey

Production of a personalized occasion to say goodbye to your loved ones

And so much more…

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